Lajes Que Falam | Complexo do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilië | 2012

From Acapulco to Alemão


In nov/dec 2012 Cascoland was living and working in Complexo do Alemão in Rio. For the construction of a cable car system, the Teleférico, a strip of houses has been demolished. As a result a lot of in-between spaces emerged that could well be used for all kinds of public purposes.

There is very limited interaction or communication between the transportation system and the community the transportation system is servicing. To residents the Teleférico is an alien presence over their heads and there is little sense of ownership of it. That’s how we came to develop the project Lajes Que Falam e o Comuniférico, Roofs that Speak and the Comuniférico. 

In a collective moment 25 residents shared their rooftops with neighbours and visitors and showed their thumbs to the travelers in the Comuniférico. Depending on the direction one travels in the Comuniférico one will either see a ‘thumbs up’ or a ‘thumbs down’ below. The Lajes Que Falam can provide a framework for the residents for communication to the travelers in the Comuniférico. And maybe it can trigger travelers to step out of their comfort zone and really visit the communities below.

Link naar het project op de Cascoland site.