Diverse opdrachten

CvA | Daniél Bolba & Inês Díez | Red Roof, Green Wall | 2022

CvA | Open Day YoungTalent | 2022

Conservatorium van Amsterdam | Klassiek Zang | 2020

Conservatorium van Amsterdam | Jazz Zang | 2020

Conservatorium van Amsterdam | Jazz Piano | 2020

Flipchair | 2018

This video accompanied the exhibition of Jair Straschnow in the Aram gallery in London in the spring of 2018.

Jair Straschnow is an Amsterdam based designer and maker with a preference to sensible and resourceful design. His ‘Flip chair’ is a dining chair that converts to an easy chair. It went on to win the furniture category at the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year awards.


Mentoring for change (trailer) | 2014

Trailer from a 40 minutes long documentary by Myriam Sahraoui and me about the European Political Mentoring Network. We portrayed several participants in Amsterdam, Brussels, Strassbourg and London between januari 2013 and may 2014.

The European Political Mentoring Network aims to empower women from ethnic minorities ahead of the May 2014 European elections and, ideally, to increase their representation in the European Parliament.

Kirsten Heshusius | Photoseries 2014/2018

Photography of two performances by Kirsten Heshusius, a performance artist whose work, a sort of visual poetry, deals with the body and transformation and is often drawn from autobiographical situations. 

Performances were in Arti, Amsterdam in 2014 and in the Plantage Park, Amsterdam in 2018.